June 7, 2023
4 Ways To Improve The Performance Of Armored Vehicles

4 Ways To Improve The Performance Of Armored Vehicles

If you are interested in making your armored vehicle in Dubai more efficient, there are several steps you can take. These steps include reducing weight, increasing mobility, implementing Active protection technologies, and detecting threats. Continue to improve your armored vehicle, and you’ll get the best protection possible. Keep reading to discover how. Listed below are 4 of the most important improvements to armored vehicles.


Lightweighting armored vehicles is a major trend in military vehicle development, and it can lead to dramatic improvements in combat capabilities and cost savings. But the first step to lightweight a vehicle is to determine whether the changes will increase its effectiveness. This process involves evaluating whether a new lightweight material or design is effective. Then, it must decide whether to incorporate these changes into a production vehicle.


As the technology for armor systems evolves, a focus on lighter weight is a priority. A lighter vehicle facilitates faster force deployment and easier transport. In the past half-century, many land-based vehicles have been constructed using aluminum alloys or titanium. The success of these materials is evident from the numerous examples of aluminum vehicles that have been developed. Lightweight tracked combat vehicles and heavily armored vehicles have both performance and protection advantages over naturally lighter support vehicles.

Active protection technologies:

During the protracted acquisition process, the requirements of an armored vehicle are frequently updated to improve its performance. Armored vehicle agents usually add requirements in stages, from initial design to vehicle production and delivery. Moreover, defense contractors are hesitant to replace existing materials with new ones, and this can lead to unforeseen material deficiencies. As a result, many armored vehicles are obsolete before they have been introduced into service.

Detection avoidance:

The performance of armored vehicles is largely based on how they avoid detection. To this end, it is crucial to improve the sanitizing ability of the vehicle. The process for detecting a weapon is divided into three steps, avoiding detection, protection, and decontamination. The first step is to reduce the probability of detection by radar. After that, several other steps can be taken to improve the performance of armored vehicles.